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Are you in one of the following situations?

1. You are an expat

You have been working and living abroad with your family. Your company has decided to move you back to your home country or to another country for a new role.

2. You are going to be an expat

You are taking on a new role based overseas, which implies the relocation of your family.

3. Limited Assistance

from your company
Your relocation benefits are in the form of a cash allowance. You have a significant amount of belongings to move and you  have limited time and resources to identify reliable moving professionals. 

4. What now?

You know that shipping personal effects overseas is fairly complex and external factors may cause unexpected delays and additional costs. You would like to know what to do next and how to control your costs.

Have you thought about hiring a Relocation Advisor?

Your Challenges:

Your company may not organise your relocation

There are dozens of moving companies out there and you don't know where to start

You have limited time and you are wondering how to get the best deal

Our Solutions:

We guide you step-by-step in your preparation and work out the technical aspects on your behalf

We know all the stakeholders and will help you select the most reliable relocation companies in your country

We know the hidden mechanisms to negotiate the best service at rock-bottom price

How Does It Work?

You outsource the organisation of your move to our team of professionals

We negotiate the best terms & conditions on your behalf

You get peace of mind thanks to our risk-free guarantee

Our Expertise:

13 years of experience in the relocation business

15,000+ families helped to relocate worldwide

100% peace of mind and an average saving of US$ 450 for our customers

    US$ 7.77 (60% off)

    Negotiate Your Relocation Like a Pro

      US$ 7.77 (60% off) 

    US$ 177 (10% off)



    Ms. Sherri O.

    Move from Hong Kong to the
    British Virgin Islands
    “I was lucky during my move from Hong Kong. My predecessor provided me with Gregory Seitz’s contact, saying that he was a “God-send” during her move.  He was of course the first person I turned to when I was ready to relocate.  Not only did he put me in touch with very capable people but he followed up several times to ensure that the process was being handled to my satisfaction and continued to offer any assistance required.  THANK YOU GREGORY for being such a stand up professional and a great help in my time of need.”.

    Mr. Frank R.

    Move from France to Malaysia
    “I had a challenge to move some of my personal belongings from France to Malaysia. Thanks to Gregory, we managed to have a great deal with a leading moving company in France.

    Gregory knew a trick and saved me, true story, 700 € !

    Thank you Gregory, I really appreciate it."

    Mr. Frank B.

    Move from Hong Kong to the
    United Kingdom
    "When I relocated from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom, I had several quotations in hand.

    Gregory definitely helped me to have the most favorable terms and conditions and a very good contract at the end.

    Everything went smoothly. Thank you Gregory"

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